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Vintage and Shabby Chic Painted Furniture

Like period buildings I do think things have often been better made in the past and the quality of workmanship in tables and dressers that people have often discarded due to orange 80`s varnish and other such nasties is sad when i often find dovetail joints and great quality workmanship in the unlikeliest looking of pieces, its amazing what we can do with some hard work and splinters!!

I like the history, quality and character of vintage and the value for money it offers unlike with modern furniture it hasn`t halved in value once its left the shop!

I enjoy the satisfaction of taking sad lonely pieces of furniture and sending them back out into the world looking pretty special!! All my items are handpainted in Chalkpaints which are low in voc`s so not too harmful to the environment! I also wax my pieces to set and protect the paintwork and for the distressed items this gives a lovely authentic french look.

Here is a selection of past and current pieces we have saved!!!

I usually have any recent renovations on my `FiFiChic`facebook page along with links to ebay listed pieces!

Lots of love


Come and visit!

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appointment Tel 01924 626698


The Old post Office

1 Kirkthorpe Lane


Wakefield WF1 5TA