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FiFiChic in the press...hurray!

Posted on 14 June, 2012 at 14:31 Comments comments (0)
  Hi there everyone! Its been a very busy couple of weeks, we have been sorting out our garden and turfing, decking,planting so the kids have somewhere nice for summer, if we get one! They now have a 14ft trampoline which is rather larger than i was expecting...must have been tired when i ordered it.. hehe! There is still a fair amount to do but its certainly looking more like a garden and less like a wasteland so that can only be good!
     I will put some proper photos on when its finished but in the meantime there are some of the`work in progress` on my facebook FiFiChic page, please do feel free to go and visit for lots of photos, i`m always on there and happy to give advice about first time painting etc!! If you do want to `LIKE` my page that would be fab too!! hehe!
  I had a busy week but spent my birthday on the sofa under my sons buzz lightyear duvet with a cold...eating smarties!! I`m so grown-up!!  I did have some lovely people over to do a lifestyle shoot about FiFiChic for a yorkshire based lifestyle magazine which was slightly nerve wracking ,as a totally new experience for me, but they where lovely and I hope I didn`t waffle on too much! I`m also hopeing that any pics with me are done with a flattering lens hehe, If I don`t sound crazy in the interview and look scary I will see if I can post a link when it comes out in July! My tabby cat Toto managed to squeeze into some of the pics too!
   I did some furniture sets too! One was a farmhouse table and 6 chairs in a mix of `old ochre` and `old white` which makes a stunning pale cream when mixed, I like it so much I did 2 ornate carver chairs for my lounge in it,I dont think they will survive long with kids, cats and pasta sauce but hey!..Life is short! I used a stunning floral i have used before which seems to work so well with the colour of the chalk paint! I also put up the louis blue set in the corner of the shop, its such a fab colour!
Anyway, I`m off to get my daughter sorted for bed ,so will be back blogging soon with my garden deck picks..including a shabby chic gazebo!...XFiFi