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Shabby chic bathroom

Posted on 21 April, 2014 at 7:19 Comments comments (9)
Just getting some time finally to pop on my long neglected website and do some updating! Heres a quick post about my budget shower room revamp! 
The whole thing came in at under £100 though i appreciate if you are starting with a lime green suite this may not be possible!! I had a slightly dated scruffy white suite that needed some shabby romance added. As usual my budget was non existant but with the imminent arrival of a top photographer coming to do a magazine shoot the artistic pressure was on! I love the look of furniture in bathrooms, it lends a certain grandeur, but with `possibly` the smallest space in the world to work with there where limited possibilities! I opted for creating the illusion of a higher end sink unit by getting a hifi unit the correct height off ebay for £16 and cutting a semicircle out of the top, taking the back off and sliding round the stem of the sink unit!(and theres still storage room to use inside for loo rolls etc!) I painted it in Annie Sloan `antoinette` pink chalk paint, distressed and put a laquer over the top to waterproof! I renovated an old outdated corner unit(bought for £15) and stapled some fabric behind the door to hide shampoos, toothbrushes etc! The `blind` is actually just a £2 piece of rough hessian nailed to the top of the window with some lace ribbon tied on, no it doesnt work like a blind but hey, its a bathroom and i dont plan on sleeping in there!! With a pretty vintage mirror found on gumtree and a few little knick knacks and some pretty `fake` roses its a much nicer space now! Anyway off to entertain the kids! Good luck with your renovations xFiFi
With thanks to Lucrezia Vozza for the lovely photographs.