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New Year Upcycle Your House with chalk paint!

Posted on 29 December, 2012 at 16:47
Well, its nearly the end of 2012 and despite some major changes, (downsizing etc) in my life over the past year since I wrote my first blog...i`m re fueling(yes...cake and chocolate have been involved!) getting my energy back and am determined to keep moving forward in 2013. Its all any of us can do right now.. when I see so many people having huge stresses in the current economic climate, I put myself in check,stop feeling self indulgent and get on with it! My kids are well and happy, my husband is pulling in the same direction and frankly I think weve done ok this year, as I told my little boy recently- I still have all the most important things with me! Whether your looking to spruce up some existing furniture or buying for a new house there is so much that can be achieved on a very low budget to give your suroundings a boost. By improving the look of your bedroom/lounge/inherited mismatched furniture and knick knacks, even just rearanging your furniture to give your surroundings a new energy can be really uplifting at a time when few of us have much of a budget for luxuries!!! With some chalk paint(I use annie sloan as no prep work!) or even some left over paint from your basement/attic /garage(if its latex based you will need to prep!) its really fun to create a new(low budget) look to make you appreciate your space again,make it feel more relaxing/fun or luxurious! Old/vintage/modern chairs can be given a whole new personality with some coats of paint and pieces of fabric, they dont even need to match but if you are nervous at visualising how something will look you can try creating your own mood board by cutting out pictures of things you like that are similar in style and shape to what you either have already or can buy cheaply from charity shops/auctions etc. If a bold statement leaves you very nervous as a rule I generally believe you can bring unity to mismatched furniture by keeping the colours and fabrics the same even if the shapes are different as shown in the top picture with 2 different pairs of chairs which work well together (as the height is similar) and the colours have been kept simple and matching! I also think sticking to fewer colours can be more forgiving if you arent a fan of an overly `cluttered` look but are trying to give a modern cream/white room some character, you can then add lots of detail in frames etc but if you keep the colour pallette simple it will have a serenity even when being quite full of treasures!!(I personally love clutter though!!)
As you will know if you have been following my year, I do love welsh dressers and would like to point out if you keep an eye out you can find the basic woodchip variety from as little as £15/£20 and with one tin of paint(sometimes a lot less depending on brand/colour etc) you can create a fun back drop for your lounge/dining room and with pretty things, mismatched china etc you can constantly revamp the look with little hasle and expense, you can add lovely handles -glass or my favourite quirky vintage ebay finds!! Although it has got more popular the last few years vintage cut/molded glass jugs/decanters/bowls are great for displays and always to be found in local charity shops!! I will try to do a video over the coming months showing how to easily recover chairs seats pads and a few other basics though practically every tutorial you can imagine is on the internet these days, its great to find out just how handy you can be and what you can accomplish with a little paint and patience!! Revamping your space can really be a great start to your new year...Now I just need to cut back on the biscuit breaks!!
Wishing you all a prosperous,painty and fabulous 2013 XFiFi

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